Our Solutions
1 - Pixel Shift Super-resolution actuator - ShebaSR™
Sheba MEMS technology is bringing a new DSLR camera feature into the smartphone world.
Image Details Matter™!

ShebaSR™ improves smartphone image resolution up to 9 times without increasing the size of the image sensor by leveraging MEMS pixel-shift super-resolution.

ShebaSR™ can precisely shift the image sensor to exact sub-pixel widths with a repeatability of 20nm and an extremely high-speed response (actuator resonance ~1000Hz).

Using Sheba's unique MEMS approach we are able to achieve better pixel-shift results in a smaller device profile that even top-end DSLR pixel shifters simply cannot match!

2- Sheba Selfie Camera Solutions
Sheba MEMS technology is perfect for AF in compact and ultra low profile selfie cameras.

This selfie camera achieves AF by moving the image sensor along the optical axis (z) using a single Sheba µPistons actuator. It has an ultra slim profile while achieving instant AF. It enables the selection of larger optics that have shallow depth of  field such that the user face is in focus while the background is blurred.

Image sensor in motion using Sheba 3-DOF motion piston tube actuator

3 - Sheba Thermal Compensation Autofocus Actuator

Sheba Microsystems has also developed a MEMS solution to thermal lens expansion in automotive, drone, medical, action, & security cameras.  No incumbent technology can solve the challenge due the large size of the optics and high accuracy of the motion needed

With no competitor in this space along with other advantages such as compensation at the micron level achieving sharper images and the limited motion required (50 um)  being ideal for an extended life cycle, this is a sweet spot for Sheba’s technology.

Reliability (Drop Test)
Sheba MEMS AF cameras using image sensor motion have successfully passed the drop test from 1.5 m height on a steel ground while mounted in a 167 g phone jig